We are two sisters who thought it would be fun to live as next-door neighbors – so we built houses 10 feet away from each other!

We chose the name MY SISTER’S COTTAGE because we enjoy having our two "cottages" right next to each other.

Also... we dream of someday building a cottage by the ocean...and enjoying sunshine, family time on the beach and the smell of sea salt in the air!

But most importantly, we love the word "cottage" because to us it represents a sense of community – love, support, and friendship.

Of course, we all love to shop for cute clothes and get a great deal – but more than that – we are bonded as a strong group of "sisters" who are excited to reach out to help our sisters in need!

10% of every purchase gives back to help rescue our sisters out of sex trafficking.

We partner with a local organization and this money goes toward building cottages (aka "safe houses") for our sisters, provide clothing and resources needed to find healing and support.

With every are making a BIG difference!

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